Earn up to 12% APY more SSTX,
as a Silverback Member

As easy as holding SSTX and putting them to work for you.

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Step Into the Silver Jungle

Hold SSTX and connect your wallet on our staking platform to enter in our silver jungle. Decide the amount SSTX you want to stake and have the opportunity to earn more SSTX and become a silverback

Entering our silver jungle will give you access to higher membership tiers. Level up and increase your rewards in our Silver Stonks ecosystem.

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Capuchin Level

SSTX to unlock

5% APY

Mandril Level

SSTX to unlock

6% APY

Chimpanzee Level

SSTX to unlock

8% APY

Orangutan Level

SSTX to unlock

10% APY

Silverback Level

SSTX to unlock

12% APY

Staking APY is variable and subject to change upon announcement.

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