Leading the way to help you diversify into digital and hard assets.

Learn how to invest in hard assets to protect and diversify your portfolio with Silver Stonks


Our Story

Silver Stonks was founded in an effort to create awareness for a younger demographic to start diversifying their assets as a way to protect themselves and build wealth. The Silver Stonks ecosystem is powered by our native token, SSTX, and makes it easy for investors to diversify into digital and hard assets.

While we sell both silver and gold, we have a preference for silver, because of its utility and price accessibility. The silver market is greatly undervalued, making owning silver a great hedge against inflation and long-term investment opportunity.

Silver Stonks is leading the way to encourage the average investor to protect and diversify their portfolio. Token holders can use SSTX to buy physical silver In our Silver Shop, earn interest on their physical silver purchases earn up to 12% APY on the SSTX token with staking, as well as other benefits through our Silverback City metaverse and NFT collection.


  • To make owning precious metals more approachable to a wider demographic.
  • To educate people about the benefits of diversifying their portfolio to protect and build their wealth.
  • To make it easy for the average investor to diversify into digital and hard assets.

Our Core Values

  • Leading by example through transparency and innovation, to make a positive impact in society.
  • Setting the bar for each business to bring real utility and value to the token economy.
  • Creating a community where everyone can join the adventure.
  • Delivering financial freedom through education, to empower everyone to make smart, financial decisions.
  • Fostering creativity and innovation to create an immersive experience members can enjoy and benefit from.


Our team is working hard to reach our goals each quarter and grow our ecosystem to provide holders with increasing benefits.

Q2 2021
Assemble Team
Whitepaper Completion
Strategic plan
Q3 2021
Token Launch
SSTX Launch
Locked Liquidity
Silver Design & Production
Business Website
Q4 2021
Silver Market
Silver Stonks Merch Release
SSTX and Silver Staking
Q3 2022
Metaverse for Hard Assets
Launch NFT Collection for Silverback City
Begin Property Holders Development
Expand Social Media Following
Q2 2022
SSTX Expansion
Partnerships with Bullion Dealers
Payment Processor for SSTX
Develop Property Holders Concept
Q1 2022
Silver Expansion
Expand Silver Stonks Products
Talks with Small Centralized Exchanges
NFT Certificates of Authenticity
Design NFT Art Collection
Silverback City Concept
Q4 2022
Ecosystem Expansion
Bring Silver Creation Process In-House
Finish Development of Property Holders
Expand Into Jewelry
Q1 2023
Expand Hard Assets
NFT Marketplace for Hard Assets
Launch Property Holders
Centralized Exchange Listing
Develop Second NFT Collection
Q2 2023
Build Out Silverback City's Metaverse
Launch Play 2 Earn games
Expand Marketplace


Download the whitepaper and learn about the Silver Stonks project.



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Our Team

The Silver Stonks team combines a passion for creating impactful businesses with industry expertise in finance, development & marketing.

Vicente Benlloch

Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer

Teresa De Jesus

Co-founder, Chief Financial Officer

Pablo Palau

Creative Director

Jamal Ramjohn

Chief Operating Officer

Jose De Jesus

Chief Technology Officer

Carlos Moreno

Lead Developer

David Miguel

Director of Silver Production, Europe

Christopher Navarro

Director of Silver Production, US

Ignacio Olmos

Attorney, Legal Counsel

Why Own Silver Stonks?

Learn why to invest in silver and other hard assets to protect and diversify your portfolio.

Diversify Your Assets

35% of all U.S. Dollars that have ever been printed into existence were printed these past 2 years. The average consumer is unaware of just how much fiat currency is depreciating, leaving people vulnerable and unprotected. Silver Stonks is creating awareness about this issue by making it easy for investors to diversify into digital and hard assets, through Silver Stonks' token, SSTX.

Partnerships with Bullion Dealers

Use the SilverStonks token, SSTX, to purchase real silver in our Silver Shop. To expand our token's utility, we will make partnerships with bullion dealers around the world to accept SSTX as a form of payment. By growing adoption for our token, silver investors will have more options when it comes to their selection for physical silver and other precious metals.

Earn Interest On Your Physical Silver through NFTs

Silver Stonks is creating a collection of digital assets in the form of NFTs. Earn interest on every Silver Stonks product you purchase, just for owning precious metals. Silver Stonks is encouraging everyone to diversify into digital and hard assets through our Silver Shop and SSTX token.

Passive Income & Rewards in Our Metaverse

All of the SilverStonks services can be found in our developing metaverse, Silverback City. Own an NFT from our Silverback City collection for even more opportunities to earn passive income in our Play 2 Earn games that give you SSTX, real silver, and other hard assets in the form of NFTs.

Silver Stonks. Diversify Into Digital and Hard Assets.