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Purchase SSTX Tokens

Getting Started

Set Up Your Digital Wallet

To buy SIiver Stonks' token, SSTX, you need to open a digital wallet. Popular wallets you can use include Metamask or Trust Wallet. (If you are using a computer, Metamask works best with Google Chrome.)

Fund Your Wallet with BNB

Fund Your Wallet with BNB (Smart Chain)

You can buy BNB directly on our website through Flooz. Click on the top left button called "Buy BNB and follow their steps.

You can also buy BNB directly on Trust Wallet or exchanges like Binance.

Add Our Token's Info To Your Wallet

Go to your tokens and click "Add Custom Token".
Set up our token's information:

Network Smart Chain
Symbol SSTX
Decimals 7
Contract 0x5396734569e26101677eb39c89413f7fa7d8006f

Purchase Silver Stonks, SSTX

Once you have BNB (Smart Chain), make sure your wallet is connected. Select BNB in the "from" field (the top field) and SSTX is in the "to" field (the bottom field). Click swap to swap your BNB for SSTX.

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