Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Silver Stonks?

Silver Stonks is a company powered by its own token, SSTX, created to make it easier for a wider demographic to protect and diversify their assets. Silver Stonks is creating an ecosystem where SSTX can be used as a way to diversify into digital and hard assets. This includes our ecommerce store, where users will be able to use SSTX to purchase silver products. We will expand adoption for our token through strategic partnerships with bullion dealers, our NFT marketplace tied to hard assets and other features as we grow. Refer to our whitepaper for more details.

How did the project start?

Inspired by the growing Silver Short Squeeze movement, Silver Stonks was created to encourage everyone to diversify their assets in precious metals, specifically silver, because of its utility and price accessibility. The silver market is greatly undervalued, making it a great hedge against price inflation. We created Silver Stonks to make buying silver approachable to a wider demographic by creating our token, SSTX. Silver Stonks sells physical .999 silver bars and rounds that are customizable, as well as other unique products. Holders will be able to use our token, SSTX to purchase silver directly on our e-commerce store without having to convert the token into fiat currency.

Where can I buy Silver Stonks?

Silver Stonks can be purchased directly in our website or in Pancakeswap. The token is paired with BNB (Smart Chain). As we expand to other exchanges, Silver Stonks will become more accessible, on different exchanges and in different pairs.

What are reflections?

Receiving reflections is like receiving interest. SSTX token holders are rewarded for holding their tokens in their wallet. This is part of the transaction fee that is redistributed for every transaction made. You must hold Silver Stonks in a defi wallet to be eligible for reflections.

Which wallet should I use?

You can use any defi wallet that accepts Smart Chain. Wallets like Metamask or Trust Wallet will store your Silver Stonks tokens (SSTX). Make sure that you add the token’s information correctly and that you are on the Smart Chain network. Never share your private keys with anyone.

How can I keep my account safe?

Silver Stonks admins and team members will NEVER ask you for your personal data or any type of cryptocurrency. Do not share your personal information with strangers. Keep your wallet passcode in a safe place and set up 2-factor authentication whenever possible.

Additionally, do not touch any tokens that appear in your wallet that you have not purchased. Tokens that appear in your wallet that you do not recognize may be part of dust attacks to hack your wallet and empty it of your tokens.

Why Should I Invest in Silver?

35% of all US dollars that have ever been printed were printed in 2020. Inflation is here and the average consumer should start diversifying their portfolio to protect their wealth. Silver is a precious metal that is seen as a safety net during times of inflation. Similar to gold, it is a safe haven asset that can preserve wealth during difficult times. It is a store of value that has tested the age of time. The price of physical silver is set to see a higher percentage gain in the coming years than gold.

Can I get a higher return investing in silver over gold?

The price of silver has been manipulated and suppressed for years. Because silver is worth around 1/60th the price of gold, buying silver is affordable and stands to see a much bigger percentage gain when the silver price goes up. In fact, in the past, silver has outperformed the gold price in bull markets, according to GoldSilver. GoldSilver claims that, from 2008 to 2011, silver gained 448 percent, while the gold price gained just 166 percent in that same period. Silver’s price accessibility and growing demand make it a great long term investment as a hedge against inflation.

What is the Silver Short Squeeze?

Price manipulation through COMEX futures contracts by a group of large banks, as well as the US Treasury and US Federal Reserve have kept the price of silver artificially low. By maintaining an overly large short position in the silver futures market, these banks have at times been able to suppress the price in the face of bullish fundamentals.

A new movement has been growing aggressively buy up all the physical silver to drain whatever supply there is on the market and force the short sellers to cover their positions, to initiate a short squeeze. This, combined with growing demand for various products such as electric cars, solar panels, and electronics makes the rise for silver imminent, and a great hard asset that can be used as a long term investment.

Silver Stonks. Diversify Into Digital and Hard Assets.