Why Own Silver Stonks?

Learn why to invest in silver to protect and diversify your assets.

Diversify Your Assets

35% of all U.S. Dollars that have ever been printed into existence were printed this past year. The average consumer is unaware of just how much fiat currency is depreciating, leaving people vulnerable and unprotected. Silver Stonks is creating awareness about this issue by making it easy for investors to diversify into digital and hard assets, through Silver Stonks' token, SSTX.

Partnerships with Bullion Dealers

Silver Stonks' e-commerce store will allow holders to use their tokens to purchase physical silver. To expand our token's utility, we will make partnerships with bullion dealers around the world to accept SSTX as a form of payment. By growing adoption for our token, silver investors will have more options when it comes to their selection for physical silver.

NFT Collections and Marketplace

Silver Stonks is creating a collection of digital assets in the form of NFTs. With the purchase of certain silver products on our ecommerce store, customers will receive an exclusive NFT from our collection. We are also developing an NFTs marketplace tied to
hard assets so holders can have more ways to use SSTX to diversify into different hard assets.

A Growing Silver Stonks Ecosystem

By holding our token, you join the Silver Stonks ecosystem. We want to make it easy for the average investor to diversify into digital and hard assets to protect and build their wealth. As we expand our token’s utility, holders will benefit from further uses of SSTX. We are focused on growing our ecosystem around features that can offer investors intrinsic, long-term value.

Silver Stonks. Diversify Into Digital and Hard Assets.